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The most common vacuum systems utilize thermocouple type vacuum gauge tubes. This type
of instrumentation is fairly low cost and robust. It is also prone to misinterpretation of the

Most people tend to assume that if the gauge tube is producing a reading, it must be operating
properly-they think gauge tubes are like light bulbs in that they either work or they don’t, and
when they stop working it needs to be replaced. A closer examination of gauge tube
installations shows that the gauge tubes are much like light bulbs, but like light bulbs, they
become less efficient over time.

Vacuum gauge tubes are subject to contaminants effecting the sensitivity of the electronic
elements in the gauge tubes and cause erroneous readings. The life and accuracy of the gauge
tubes can be greatly improved by proper engineering design, which we can assist with!

In all cases, it is critical to check your gauge tubes periodically to ensure that they are producing
accurate readings.

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