Specialty Precision Thermocouple Probes

We specialize in helping you accurately measure the temperature of your products and processes. Most production processes require heat, as in forming metals, glass, plastic, packaging, food, nearly everything. Heat is required to obtain the properties needed, whether it is metallurgical properties, thermoset properties, or adhesives for packaging. Heat is everything and we have the expertise to help you accurately measure it.


Accurate temperature measurement requires the right tool for the right product or process. Infrared temperature sensors may be properly calibrated but if the emissivity is not correct, the readings may be in error. Even contact thermocouples require detailed knowledge and expertise in order to obtain accurate contact measurements. We have the expertise to help you increase product quality by more accurate temperature measurement and control. This is accomplished by a wide variety of tools such as hand held or fixed mount infrared sensors, custom thermocouple probes, and the knowledge to apply them correctly.  We can source whatever special instruments or custom thermocouples are needed.


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HHT-53K-05-TC1-ANP – thermocouple probe for flat and stationary surfaces, measure 572°F to 2012°F (300°C to 1100°C)