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IR Thermography Training:

Infrared/Thermal/Thermography is generally recognized by ISO (International Standards Organization) and ASNT (American Society for Non-Destructive Testing) as three distinct technical specialties. These are (1) Electrical and Mechanical Inspections, (2) Building Inspections, and (3) NDT of Materials. Training is offered for certifications in each of these specialties and is compliant with ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A guidelines.

Electric and Power Distribution Systems:

The Electrical/Power Distribution and Mechanical training is conducted at the customer site. The course includes 2 days of classroom training and 2 days of hands-on practical experience by performing an instructor led inspection of the customer’s facility. The course includes a general theory exam, specific exam and practical exam. This course will be customized for your specific requirements.

Roof Inspection:

This course can include building envelopes and/or roof inspections depending on your requirements. The course is conducted at your facility with 2 days of classroom and requires you to have a suitable building for hands-on training. When we train for roof inspections, the course includes 2 nights of instructor-led hands-on roof inspection. For building inspection, the course includes 2 days of hands-on practical experience by performing an instructor led inspection of the customer provided building.  These courses are customized based on your specific area of interest.

Manufacturing Processes:

This course is generally focused on developing the understanding of how heat behaves in materials, such as metals in forging and foundry applications. Our training concentrates on accurate temperature measurement in manufacturing processes, customized to your application of interest. 

NDT of Materials:

NDT of materials is very customer dependent. This course generally follows ASNT’s SNT-TC-1A or NAS-410 depending on the customer’s requirements. Course content depends on the techniques being used by the customer. We have three general categories of NDT Materials training:

  • General NDT of aircraft materials - This course generally focuses on locating water within aircraft panels. 

  • Pulsed Thermographic NDT Analysis: This course is generally focused on the application of Thermal Wave Imaging to the inspection of aerospace materials such as carbon reinforced fiber panels (CRFP).

Thermo Acoustic NDT Analysis:

This course generally focuses on the application of vibrational energy from an ultrasonic welding horn to stimulate a part. This is followed by observation of anomalies such as cracks or delamination from the heat generated by frictional rubbing in the excited part.

NIR Moisture Analysis Consulting & Training:

Moisture is a critical variable in many bulk materials such as wood chips, tobacco, food products, flour and many more. Similarly, oil is another critical variable in many of these bulk materials. We offer consulting and training in process measurements for control of moisture and oil in manufacturing processes. 

 For your training requirements and course development please contact:

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